Key West Orchid Society

Jay Pfahl, Pres.     Florence Filaski, Vice Pres.

Its purpose is to enhance the knowledge of the Members in orchid culture in the unique environment of the Florida Keys.

The original Key West Orchid Society (KWOS) was founded in 1957 with a group of interested orchid hobbyists getting together to share information on orchid culture. They numbered only seventeen, and met at the members' homes. Two years later it became affiliated with the American Orchid Society (AOS). The first orchid show was held in conjunction with the Key West Garden Club in 1958. The Society continued until 1976 when the illness of several key members caused the group to become inactive.
In January of 1981, a small group of local orchid growers reactivated the Society and recruited new members. Its first show was held in March of 1983 at the West Martello Garden Center. The Theme was "PARADISE IS TROPICAL". With the emphasis on culture, the new president, Caroline Boyer, led the group down the path to successful orchid growing, instilling that unquenchable thirst for more information, and indeed giving each of us a measure of the incurable orchid fever. We shall be eternally grateful.

Today our membership numbers approximately 100. As the Society has grown, so has interest in growing beautiful orchids. We hold monthly meetings at the West Martello Garden Center Pavilion. We have guest speakers, slide presentations, culture demonstrations, show-and-tell, question-and-answer sessions, plant sales, and door prizes. Summer meetings are generally field trips to visit members' orchids collection.

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